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ISSN: 2344 - 102X

ISSN-L: 2344 - 102X


Article from Volume 11, Number 2, Year 2023

Author(s): Cristinel Ichim
DOI: 10.4316/EJAFB.2023.1124
Abstract: In the elaboration of local budgets, the substantiation of revenues occupies a very important place because their exact quantification for the following year depends on the financing of public services during the respective period. The substantiation of revenues from local budgets must be based on an appropriate informative system, real data and must reflect the real financial situation of local communities. In other words, the income assessment must have a correspondent in the real possibilities of achieving them. Among the factors that determine the volume of revenues from local budgets we also identify some subjective ones, including processes with random or unpredictable action that occur during the budget year. This paper aims to analyse the substantiation of revenues from local budgets but also to identify solutions in order to optimize this process. The scientific approach begins with the presentation of the methods of substantiating the revenues from the local budgets that apply in Romania: the automatic method, the method of increasing (decreasing) and the method of direct evaluation. The gist of the paper is the presentation of the substantiation of the main public income groups that are included in the local budgets: substantiation of own revenues, substantiation of quotas broken down from income tax, substantiation of the amounts broken down from some revenues from the state budget, substantiation of subsidies, etc. The research carried out under this article concludes that in order to improve the substantiation of revenues that are included in local budgets, together with the method of direct evaluation, statistical methods of econometric type or mathematical could be also used.
Keywords: Local Budget; Local Public Revenue; Establishing; The Elaboration Of Local Budgets; Own Incomes.
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